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John Hodgen


I have been in the ministry full time, for 24 years.  My wife Tammy and I were "high school sweethearts" with both being raised in Clifton Forge, VA.  We celebrated our 37th anniversary this past year.  I came to know Christ in 1980.  I spent 10 years in the United States Navy on submarines as a Missile Technician, "running from the call of the ministry."  During my time in the military, I finally gave into "the call," and received my Master's Degree in Pastoral studies from Covington Theological Seminary three days before being discharged from the Navy.  

  I am very "informal" but take the Word of God very seriously.  My view of the Bible is, "if God said it, then He means it."  I take a literal, conservative view of the Scriptures and strive to communicate this with my teaching and preaching.

Before coming to Hebron, I pastored churches in Orange and Stafford, VA.

Tammy and I are proud parents/grandparents.  We have been blessed with three sons, two daughters in law, and four beautiful grandchildren.


Carol Markham

Minister of Outreach

The convicting power of the Holy Spirit led me to buy a Bible and begin attending the worship services of Falmouth Baptist Church.  Pastor Warren Turner shared scripture that led me to faith in Jesus Christ.  I was baptized into the fellowship on May 14, 1967.  The Lord opened doors of service in the areas of teaching, witnessing and preaching.  Therefore Falmouth licensed me to preach the Gospel on January 23, 1972.

The Lord provided the equipping ministry of the Fredericksburg Bible Institute and the Seminary Extension Department of the Southern Baptist Convention as the educational resources for my calling.

The Lord opened the door for me to serve as pastor in the following churches: Bethlehem Baptist Church, 13 years; Montague Baptist Church, 2 years; Community Baptist Church, 12 years plus 1 year interim and internship mentor.  Since August of 2007 I have served as Minister of Outreach for Hebron Baptist Church.

My life has been blessed by the hand of the Lord and His influence on the people I have been called to serve.


Larry Sharpe

Chairman of the Deacons


Mike Loveless



Eric Pelter



Taylor Bright



Stewart Robbins


Not Pictured- Donnie Wheeler

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